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Allocations Policy

Link for the New Full Allocations Policy 2017 which will supersede the Full Allocations Policy 2014



Changes to the Harborough Home Search Allocations Policy were approved by Members on the 4th December 2017.  These changes will not take effect until the new Housing Register is available when the new Harborough Choice Based Lettings Scheme is launched in April this year.  Affordable housing in the District is a scarce resource - see the summary of reasons below for making these changes to Policy:

  • Strengthening the local connection criteria, so as to ensure applicants joining the housing register have a strong local connection with the Harborough District.
  • Prohibiting applications from social and private tenants if they are unable to demonstrate a housing need and are adequately housed
  • Ensuring those applicants assessed in Priority housing need band (recognising their emergency need to move) are still able to exercise choice during their time in this band, but changing the bidding process thereafter to ensure those applicants are housed quickly and the authority's statutory duty (if applicable) is discharged
  • Ensuring those applicants assessed in High band (recognising an urgent need to move), are still able to exercise choice during their time in band but ensuring there is a review of housing circumstances immediately on expiry of that time limit so as to  encourage bidding on a regular basis for all suitable sized properties, in recognition of their urgent need to move
  • Ensuring applicants who owe housing related debts are regularly re-paying them, (taking responsibility for their debts), before accepting them onto the housing register
  • Removing applicants from the housing register if they fail to bid for suitable properties within six months of joining the housing register (unless no suitable properties have been advertised) – so as to ensure applicants on the housing register are in genuine housing need
  • Allowing applicants aged 55+ (singles and couples) who wish to join the housing register, who would otherwise be assessed as having the financial means to address their own housing need allowing them to join the register but restricting their bidding only for Independent Living Schemes or Extra Care Accommodation (subject to the Landlord's assessment criteria).

One of the most significant changes to the Policy is that in relation to the Local Connection criteria.  In order to meet the local connection criteria to join the housing register an applicant would have to satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

(a)  Have normally resided in settled accommodation in the district for two years – an exception will be made for homeless applicants who do not meet the proposed two year residence criteria, where the Local Authority has accepted a statutory to assist with re-housing

(b)  They or a member of their household is employed on a permanent basis or a temporary contract running for a minimum of twelve months within the district

(c)  They have parents, brothers, sisters or adult children and step equivalents (aged 18+ years) who are living in the district now and have done so for at least the past five years in settled accommodation and where a meaningful relationship exists

When existing and new applicants are asked to register on the new Housing Register in April, some applicants who are currently registered may not be eligible to join the new housing register, in accordance with the new Allocations Policy. 


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