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Sunday, 15-Sep-2019
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Mobility Information

If you have indicated on your housing application that you or a member of your household has a medical or mobility problem you will be sent a medical and mobility form to complete. You will be asked to self assess your mobility needs by selecting one of the mobility keys below:

 My legs are unable to support my weight and I need to use a wheelchair when indoors and outdoors.


 I use a wheelchair but can walk a short distance. I cannot climb steps or stairs.


 I do not use a wheelchair but walk with difficulty. I cannot climb steps or stairs.

 I do not use a wheelchair; I find it difficult to walk, but can manage one or two steps.


 I need a downstairs toilet.


 I have a disability or a medical problem, such as kidney dialysis or epilepsy, requiring more suitable accommodation, which does not fall into any of the above categories.

This will help you when bidding for properties as you can choose to bid on a property with the relevant mobility key. Only applicants assessed as an A/B mobility category can bid for properties with an A/B mobility key.

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