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Oadby & Wigston Borough Council

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council will be leaving the Leicestershire Sub-Regional Choice Based Lettings Scheme and introducing their own new choice based lettings scheme.  This will only affect you if you are registered and have claimed a local connection to Oadby & Wigston Borough Council as once Oadby & Wigston have left the Sub-Regional scheme you would no longer be able to bid on properties available in Oadby & Wigston's area unless you make a fresh application to join their new choice based lettings scheme.  Their new system will open to receive re-applications from 2nd October 2017. Further updates will appear on the www.homes.oadby-wigston.org.uk website.

If your housing application is currently hosted by Oadby & Wigston Borough Council but you have no local connection with their Borough, when they introduce their new system your application will be cancelled.  Therefore if you do not have a local connection to that Borough you should ask for your existing application to be hosted by the authority in Leicestershire where you do have a local connection.

Checkpoint service available - Click here to view leaflet

*STILL AVAILABLE*  Property available at Almshouse

Ground floor flat coming available in the next couple of months (following refurbishment) at Almshouse site. Almshouses are for people who currently reside in the scheme area, which include Market Harborough town, Little Bowden and Great Bowden. Any interested individuals will need to complete an application form together with GP authority form. Please find both documents below.

Application form Almshouse
GP authority form Almshouse

Any questions or queries you can get in touch with Market Harborough and The Bowdens Charity on 01858 419128.

Edwin Court, Kettering Road, Market Harborough

Waterloo Housing Group have developed in agreement with the Local Authority a Local Lettings Plan for Edwin Court, Kettering Road, Market Harborough.  This will apply to the 36 General Needs flats at Edwin Court, 50% of which will be advertised through Harborough Home Search as and when they become available for letting.

The purpose of the Local Lettings Plan is one initiative adopted by the Waterloo Housing Group to create a more balanced and sustainable mix of residents within Edwin Court.  The objective is to achieve a greater number of sustainable tenancies and reduce the number of failed tenancies. 

  • 50% of available properties will be advertised giving preference to applicants who are working
  • All applicants will be subject to a thorough financial appraisal to ensure they can sustain a tenancy
  • All tenants will be required to make a rent in advance payment at the start of the tenancy
  • Where an applicant has previously engaged in criminal and/or anti-social behaviour and/or has previously had a drug or alcohol dependency they will be required to provide a reference from a current landlord or other service from which that applicant is currently receiving support which confirms their satisfactory behaviour and conduct for at least 12 months immediately prior to bidding for a property
  • Applicants who have been convicted of an offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 will be refused a tenancy at Edwin Court
  • Where an applicant has an identified support need, they must agree to engage with the appropriate support agency and the support must be in place for a minimum of at least three months before an offer of tenancy is made
  • All properties will be let at a social rent with a one year Starter tenancy (or an Assured tenancy for existing social housing tenants), which upon successful completion will automatically convert to a full Assured tenancy.

Waterloo Housing Group may at their discretion and at the request of the Council make an allocation outside of the Local Lettings Plan (where an applicant may usually be rejected by Waterloo Housing Group for an offer of tenancy).

Waterloo Housing Group will notify Harborough District Council of any refusal of an applicant and provide reasons for the decision.  The decision to refuse an applicant will be given by Waterloo Housing Group in writing to the applicant outlining the appeals process.


Change to Universal Credit:
Changes to Universal Credit regulations from 1st April 2017 for claimants aged 18-21 years making a new claim for housing costs.  Certain renters will not be entitled to the housing costs element of Universal Credit click on the following link for an overview of the changes and who this will apply to: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/housing-costs-for-18-to-21-year-olds

Monthly Tenancies
The Waterloo Group have introduced monthly tenancies.  These tenancies can start any day of the week and a month's rent is payable in advance at the start of the tenancy (this is stated on the property advert).  Any prospective tenant that is invited to view a property must be prepared to sign the tenancy agreement at the property if made a formal offer of the tenancy.  This is to minimise the time the property is empty and reduce any associated loss of rental income.  All applicants who are bidding for properties advertised by the Waterloo Group (which includes Seven Locks Housing) should therefore be 'ready' to move.

Have you matched to a property and are single and under 35 years of age?
If you are an applicant who is single and under the age of 35 years when you are successful in your bid for accommodation, you may be affected (from April 2018 and beyond) by the Shared Accommodation Rate introduced under the Local Housing Allowance.  If you need to claim Housing Benefit or for Housing Costs through Universal Credit, the amount of financial assistance you receive may not cover the full cost of your rent. However, there are some circumstances in which you may be exempt from this regulation.

If you are in paid employment when you are considered for a tenancy the Landlord may want to check your employment history, the type of contract you have and whether you have any previous dependency on welfare benefits before making an offer of the tenancy to you.

Many Landlords carry out an affordability assessment as part of their pre-tenancy checks.  This may involve asking you to complete a personal budget sheet.  You are advised to co-operate promptly with this assessment.  If you fail to provide the information requested or you are assessed to have insufficient income to pay the rent the Landlord may decide not to offer you a tenancy.

More information regarding entitlement to housing benefit is available from the Council's website under Help Paying Your Rent – Housing Benefit, click on the link below:


Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please click on the link below to complete our customer satisfaction survey:


Seven Locks Housing Independent Living Schemes

Click on the link below for information on Seven Locks Housing Independent Living Schemes

Independent Living Schemes


Please note that if you successfully bid for three suitable properties and you fail to attend three arranged viewings or you refuse three offers of tenancy, your application may be suspended from the housing register for up to six months.  You therefore need to make sure you only bid for properties you would be willing to accept a tenancy of.  If you are not familiar with the area/property you are bidding on, you can obtain more information from our website (www.harborough-homes.org.uk) by clicking on Show on Map, Show Local Services and Show full details. You also need to ensure when you bid that you have sufficient funds available to pay any rent in advance required by the Landlord, removal costs ect.

Housing Options Kiosk

We now have a touch screen kiosk (in The Symington Building in Market Harborough) on which you will be able to search and bid for properties advertised through Harborough Home Search (providing you have previously applied and been accepted onto the housing register), and you will also be able to look for private rented properties in Leicestershire advertised through www.Homefinder.uk.com .






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