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Wednesday, 26-Jun-2019
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Social Housing

Harborough Home Search (HHS) maintains the housing register for the district.  HHS assess applications to join the housing register in accordance with our Allocations policy.  This policy was agreed working in partnership with Registered Providers (Landlords) who own social homes in our district.  This Policy ensures that there is a fair and consistent process in place to assess all applications to join the housing register. 

Once registered, home seekers are able to bid on up to two properties (in each advertising cycle) where they meet the criteria on the property advert. Once bidding closes, these bids are shortlisted and passed to the relevant Landlord.  The Landlord then assesses those bids in relation to their organisation's specific allocations policy.

We are pleased to say that the number of social homes in our district increases each year and the number of Landlords we are working with is also increasing.  The HHS Allocations policy therefore forms an umbrella policy and each Landlord  has it's own specific Allocations/Lettings policy. Whilst these are very similar there will be some differences due to their business priorities, operational differences and in some cases, their charitable purpose.  It is therefore important when placing a bid that  home seekers understand that they will be considered for a property, in accordance with the advertised criteria, and the  Landlord's own Allocations/Lettings policy.  The main areas of difference between policies at the moment relate to  home seekers  who owe rent  or  housing debt,  the number of bedrooms they are able to bid for (based upon household composition) and criminal convictions/anti-social behaviour.

Each organisation reviews their policies at different intervals and we try to ensure that home seekers have the information they need to make an informed bid.  It is not always possible to notify home seekers of changes individually when we learn of them. 

Monthly Tenancies
The Waterloo Group have introduced monthly tenancies.  These tenancies can start any day of the week and a month's rent is payable in advance at the start of the tenancy (this is stated on the property advert).  Any prospective tenant that is invited to view a property must be prepared to sign the tenancy agreement at the property if made a formal offer of the tenancy.  This is to minimise the time the property is empty and reduce any associated loss of rental income.  All applicants who are bidding for properties advertised by the Waterloo Group (which includes Seven Locks Housing) should therefore be 'ready' to move.


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