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Sunday, 15-Sep-2019


Harborough Homesearch has now changed

Harborough District Council is no longer part of the Leicestershire Choice-Based Lettings partnership. We now have a new housing register called Harborough Homes and a new allocations policy by which applications to Harborough Homes will be assessed.

If you wish to apply to the housing register for social housing, in partnership with housing associations within the Harborough District, you will need to go to our new website: www.harboroughhomes.org. If you already have a housing application with Harborough Homesearch on the current website you will need to reapply.

After Midnight on Tuesday 24th July 2018 there will be no further properties advertised on Harborough Homesearch (this website). All new properties will be advertised on Harborough Homes from Thursday 9th August 2018.

If you are already on the council's housing register: You need to complete your new housing application on Harborough Homes (www.harboroughhomes.org) by Friday 7th September 2018 to ensure that you retain your waiting time from your previous application. If you apply after this date then your application will be treated as a new application and you will not keep your old waiting time unless there is an exceptional circumstance. You will need to upload your documents to the form as you are completing it.

Please be aware that the allocations policy is changing:

- Only people with a need to move will be eligible to join the new housing register. You will not be eligible to join the register if you are adequately housed or only want a like-for-like move to another housing association property.

- You must have a valid local connection to the Harborough District. You must have lived in the district for at least the last 2 years, or work permanently in the district, or have a meaningful relationship with a family member who has lived in the district for the last 5 years. You may be eligible if you do not have a local connection but are fleeing violence and have presented to the council as homeless. Other exceptional circumstances may apply.

- When you reapply you may find that your housing needs band is different. This is because of the changes to our housing allocations policy. If you have any queries you can see our new allocations policy on the new website: www.harboroughhomes.org.

If you are a new applicant: If you have not applied to the housing register before you can now apply to www.harboroughhomes.org. You will need to upload your documents to the form as you are completing it.

Some changes to the Council's existing Allocations and Lettings Policy were approved by Council Members on the 4th December, but these will not take effect until April 2018 when the new choice based lettings scheme is introduced.  Information regarding these changes is published on the Allocations Policy page and there will be communication with existing applicants notifying them of the changes that have been approved and when they will take effect. 

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