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Welcome to Harborough Home Search   -  Your complete Housing Options Service  

Harborough Home Search is a partnership between Harborough District Council and all of the Housing Associations operating in the district.

This site displays all of the rented and shared ownership properties the housing associations currently have available. You will also find details of other housing options such as mutual exchanges within the district.

We aim to give you more choice in deciding where you want to live in the District. Housing Association properties that are available for rent will be advertised every week online and in our Housing Options Booklet.

You can choose which properties you are interested in and show your interest by bidding for a property. You may only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our housing register.  Don't worry about the word 'bid' this does not involve money it just means you are telling us that you are interested in a particular property and want to be considered for it. 

You can place a 'bid' on this website, or by telephone. 

To place a bid by telephone you will need to have your unique Harborough Home Search reference number, your memorable date password and the property reference number that you want to bid for.  The number to call when placing a bid is 0300 011 0129. 

Our website contains useful information to help you find you a suitable home. You can use this website to:

If you would like help to use Home Search please contact the Harborough Home Search team where one of our Housing Advisers will be able to assist.
Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours.

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council will be leaving the Leicestershire Sub-Regional Choice Based Lettings Scheme and introducing their own new choice based lettings scheme.  This will only affect you if you are registered and have claimed a local connection to Oadby & Wigston Borough Council as once Oadby & Wigston have left the Sub-Regional scheme you would no longer be able to bid on properties available in Oadby & Wigston's area unless you make a fresh application to join their new choice based lettings scheme.  Their new system will open to receive re-applications from 2nd October 2017. Further updates will appear on the www.homes.oadby-wigston.org.uk website.

If your housing application is currently hosted by Oadby & Wigston Borough Council but you have no local connection with their Borough, when they introduce their new system your application will be cancelled.  Therefore if you do not have a local connection to that Borough you should ask for your existing application to be hosted by the authority in Leicestershire where you do have a local connection.

Some information on this site is in PDF format (Portable Document Format) To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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